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A Quick Guide to Otus


Otus is an educational technology company that provides a learning management system, data warehouse and other classroom management tools for k-12 students, administrators, parents and teachers. Otus faces competition from other learning management systems. They face competition because they also provide tools to schools. Otus specifically aims to provide everything a mobile classroom can provide for both the students and teachers. It also offered attendance tracking, a digital bookshelf for uploading files, application annotations, assignments, papers, polls, blogs and quizzes. Otus uses other apps, for example, the Khan Academy, PARCC and others through their toolbox program.


Everything a student does use the Otus platform is integrated into an in-depth learning program that is known as analytics. It is done of the Otus app. The data driven instruction app complies information from all the first and third party apps that it uses to create the profile of the student. The profile that is created is accessible by teachers and parents at the teacher's discretion. Otus is readily available to students, teachers and parents. But for them to use it, they will have to pay a subscription fee. More to that, Otus is available on iOS for both students and their teachers.


Chris Hull and Peter Helfers founded Otus. Both of them were social studies teachers at Illinois Elm Place middle school. It was made to replicate the best K-12 classroom experience that the two social studies teacher taught. After they received a grant to bring computing iPads to the students they taught, they both found out the limitless potential that the classroom management tool offers. Even after doing that, they were disappointed with the effectiveness of the current apps that are in the market. Both teachers believed that they could make their Otus do better than other apps. They developed the Otus while still doing their teaching jobs. Their only goal was to create an app that could manage all the work that is done in the classroom. Be sure to watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nA1Aqp0sPQo for more info about education.


They were funded by some people so that they could continue with the development of Otus. After Otus was finally launched, they marketed it such that its popularity even grew domestically and internationally. Since then, Otus has a trademark phrase that is known as student performance platform. Otus recently made a partnership with NWEA which has made it become measures of academic progress. It is an authorised data partnership. Everyone who uses Otus will be able to see and take advantage of measures of academic progress directly in the standards based grading rubrics platform.